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Moving on to a new name

2011-03-07 11:43:54 by Nasseus7

I am now known as 'MicroFrequency', because I never really liked 'Nasseus7'. If you wish to continue following me, check out my soundcloud page, youtube page, and newgrounds page.

Nasseus7 is no more.

Upcoming album and other news.

2011-02-25 11:47:16 by Nasseus7

Right now, I am working on an upcoming album. So far, it is about 20% complete and I have a long way to go. I am hoping that I can get some more tunes done by the end of the summer to release it.

In other news, I recently got a Soundcloud and a TAP page. Follow me on Soundcloud if you want updates for new stuff.


Thanks newgrounds for the #2 spot on the top 30 list. This is the first time I have ever been on it. If you like 'Banana Split', I am sure you would like my other songs. Leave a review and tell me what you think. :)